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The Masterpiece Leadership Programs

A Quick Look at our Leadership Programs

The Masterpiece System is a set of structured programs addressing a wide range of topics that meet needs throughout the development evolution of the organization and its leadership. Team and group coaching engagements follow a structured program (set of modules) of the clients choosing. One-to-0ne coaching is centered around the client’s real time issues and modules for all programs are introduced as needed.

Masterpieces in Leadership (Flagship Program)

Leadership Best Practices

  • Explore and test 5 leadership behaviors that inspire, motivate, and lead to innovation.
  • Establish a purpose and a plan for moving forward.

Building a Masterpiece Foundation 1

Comprehensive Assessment and Self-Discovery

  • Uncover your true behavioral strengths, professional aspirations, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Build a commitment using strength and values to achieve a work-related goal.

Building a Masterpiece Foundation 2

Comprehensive Assessment and Intro to Masterpiece Process

  • Uncover your true behavioral strengths, professional aspirations, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Prepare to launch and support a team/group coaching program.

 Uncovering Your Masterpiece

Networking and Relationships

  • Generate a plan to select & connect with people you need in your network.
  • Discover the nuances of professional relationship building.

Adaptive Leadership Masterpieces  ***NEW****

Advanced Best Practices

  • For those familiar with the language and basic Masterpiece best practices.
  • Build on basic best practices to develop sustained, intentional habits.

Masterpiece Coaching Leader  ***NEW****

Coaching Best Practices

  • Propagate employee engagement throughout your organization.
  • Motivate others to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Masterpiece Talent Assessment

Evaluate Your Workforce

  • Identify stars, low performers & non-performer’s.
  • Develop reward, performance or exit plans.

Masterpiece Succession Development

Determine Who is Promotable

  • Evaluate motivation and leadership potential.
  • Target employees for development for higher positions.

Masterpiece Coach-Mentor Program

Self-Generating Employee Development

  • Support the professional growth of high-potential employees.
  • Develop a leadership talent pipeline in targeted areas.

Masterpiece Apprenticeship

 Share Masterpiece Knowledge

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Masterpiece System.
  • Deliver a Masterpiece program in your organization.

CEO Mastermind Ba

Navigate through Executive Leadership Challenges

  • Become part of a community of supportive colleagues.
  • Explore insights learn from each other and generate new knowledge.