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The Masterpiece Inquiry

Is daVinci Consulting Right for You?

The Masterpiece Inquiry takes place between a potential client and Vince Pelote prior to a paid coaching engagement. Once becoming acquainted, Vince and the client move through the process if: 1) the client is interested and 2) Vince feels like daVinci is a good fit for the client. There are no obligations.

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During this time the client experiences Vince’s coaching and insights are uncovered for both parties. The client becomes clear about what is important to him or her and acquires the language to share this vision with others. Vince gains understanding of the client’s

Humble Inquiry

Vince and Client get acquainted; a connection is made

Vince determines the client’s preferred method of receiving feedback

Mutual Inquiry

Client inquires about daVinci Consulting

Vince probes for client needs

Appreciative Inquiry

Vince explores client hopes & dreams; gains insight on desired future

Client becomes clear what is important to him/her and the organization

Guided Inquiry

Client receives written summary of vision, goals, objectives and how daVinci Consulting can help

Vince helps clients with language for articulating the vision to get buy-in


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