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For Teams

Masterpiece programs for teams brings together leaders who share a common organizational purpose. You and your team will take part in a continuous learning journey where you will learn from your own experiences, from other team members, and from using the cognitive tools. Your learning journey, anchored by your organization’s strategic goals, will help you develop independently and collaboratively as leaders. Your coach will also involve your executive/sponsor and stakeholders throughout the process.

Masterpiece programs for teams include:

  • 360-Degree Assessment for each participant
  • Social/Job Motive Profile & Comparison for each participant
  • Rigorous commitment building; individual commitments re: organizational goal
  • Structured group sessions (best practices, cognitive tools, outcome measures)
  • twice monthly sessions
  • Stakeholder engagement session
  • Behavioral Event Interview for each participant (optional add-on)
  • Team orientation session for all participants
  • Commitment building re: team related strategic goal (optional)
  • Scheduled briefings for team leaders/sponsors

Overview of  Masterpiece Programs