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For Coaches & Mentors

Masterpiece Coaching Leader

daVinci Consulting offers a coaching leader program for managers, supervisors or senior leaders who wish to integrate more coaching techniques into their practice. If we expect employees to take on more responsibility and become more autonomous while demanding more expertise and judgment from them, they need coaching and frequent feedback. To achieve this level of coaching, managers need the emotional and social intelligence skills needed to become a more mindful, empathetic, coaching leader. In this program participants will be introduced to practices that lead to stronger work relationships, motivating others, providing effective feedback, and creating opportunities for coaching. Learn More About Masterpiece Coaching Leader program

Masterpiece Coach-Mentor Program

daVinci Consulting offers a mentoring program to current clients who wish to share their favorite best-practice tools within their organization. the daVinci coach uses a structured process to help leaders select motivated employees to become internal mentors. The mentors are trained to use several Cognitive Tools and Best-Practices of the clients choice.  Then the same structured process is used to select one employee to be coached by each mentor. Mentors meet with their mentees monthly introducing Cognitive Tools as needed with support from the daVinci Coach. Learn More about the Masterpiece Coach-Mentor program

Masterpiece Apprenticeship

daVinci Consulting offers an apprenticeship for coaches/mentors/leaders who wish experience and then share the Masterpiece materials with others. This apprenticeship differs from a typical train-the-trainer program. First, as a participant and learner, you will experience the nuances of using the cognitive tools, try things out as you learn, and look to become fluent in the language. Then we will partner with you and fully support you as you deliver the Masterpiece materials to others. Learn More About the Masterpiece Apprenticeship