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Uncovering Your Masterpiece

 Take charge of you leadership future.

Uncovering your Masterpiece is a 3-month, coach-led, leader development program for 
teamsgroups, or individuals It includes 360 assessment, commitment building, public narrative, and generating a strategic network. New UNCOVERING FLOW 110514

Uncovering your Masterpiece is a strength-based, coaching program in which participants uncover their leadership brand and take charge of their leadership future. They become more self-aware as they identify and explore their individual strengths and passions. With guidance from the coach, participants learn from their own experiences, other team members and through applying the cognitive tools. Through work-centered learning and anchored by a relevant strategic goal, participants follow concrete steps for sharing their public narrative and building a strategic network.

The program begins with a 360-Degree Leadership Assessment. With the coach’s help, participants interpret their feedback to uncover individual behavioral strengths. Next, the participants embark on a powerful commitment-building exercise that taps into who the client is, what is important to the client, and how the client can use the feedback in setting goals and expectations. The next three sessions focus on crafting a 2-minute story of commitment and using that story to build a supportive network and generate a strategic network. During the final session, participants examine their leadership purpose and come up with a plan for the future to remain focused on what is important.



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