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Building a Masterpiece Foundation 1

 Explore and evaluate the impact of your leadership. 

bf_foundation1_bannerBuilding a Masterpiece Foundation 1 is a 3-4 month, 1-to-1 coaching engagement for leaders that includes a robust leadership assessment and commitment building.

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Building a Masterpiece Foundation 1 is an in-depth exploration and assessment of a leader’s behaviors, values, aspirations, motivations and style. During one-to-one meetings with the coach, the client develops a deeper understanding of himself or herself through self-discovery tools, feedback from others, and personal observation. The coaching sessions culminate in the building of a powerful commitment that taps into who the client is, what is important to the client, and how the client can use their feedback.

Assessment data is gathered via interviews, paper and pencil tools, and online surveys followed by individualized interpretation of the assessments via feedback sessions. Individual results are linked directly to the appropriate Masterpiece Leader Competency Model for comparison to successful leaders.

Building a Masterpiece Foundation 1 takes place over 3-4 months. Ideally it concludes just prior to the start of a team-coaching program or 1:1 coaching engagement, but is also available as a stand-alone program. If additional assessments are selected, more feedback sessions may be required.

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