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Masterpiece Succession Development

Determine who is promotable. 

bf_succession_development_bannerMasterpiece Succession Development is a 3-month, coach-led program for leaders who wish to assess their employees to determine who is promotable and determine what positions might be a good fit.

Succession_Development_FlowWhether retirement is 1 year or 20 years away, this program provides the tools and structures to evaluate the performance, motivation, and potential of employees.

We have a unique tool that allows leaders to simultaneously match performance and motivation against potential, using differentiating behavioral competencies. The result is a development plan for each employee that is tailored to their motivation and potential – not just improving performance. It also allows leaders to identify which individuals to target for investing in the future.

The program begins with identifying the key outputs for each staff member and then rating the performance and motivation for each output. The next step is a behavioral assessment of each individual to determine potential using the appropriate Masterpiece model for their role. With all the data laid out in a comparative matrix, the leader and the coach assess organizational risks before beginning to sketch out a developmental plan for each person. The framework and tools can then be applied in other departments or divisions in the organization and/or used to restructure performance appraisals that are based on performance instead of tasks.