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Masterpiece Coach-Mentor Program

Groom Your Next Generation of Leaders


The Masterpiece Coach-Mentor program is a 1 year coach-led program in which highly motivated, high performing employees are trained in the use of the Masterpiece Cognitive Tools and then supported as they use the tools while mentoring others. It includes assessment, customized Masterpiece Program, and ongoing support for the mentors and leader champion.

Coach mentor flow

Before the program begins, the daVinci coach uses a structured process to help leaders select 2-4 motivated employees to become internal mentors.  In the first phase of the program the mentors participate in a Behavioral Event Interview or 360-Assessment to identify their strengths followed by a powerful commitment-building exercise. Then they become immersed in a 3 month, Masterpiece Plus program (a collection of modules/cognitive tools selected by the client). During this time the designated leader-champion participates in monthly meetings with the daVinci coach for updates, progress reports, and to discuss strategies to support the mentors.

In the next phase of the program the same structured process is used to select one employee to be coached by each mentor. Mentors will meet with their mentees monthly introducing Cognitive Tools as needed. Mentors will also meet monthly as a group with the daVinci coach.