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Masterpiece Apprenticeship

 Share your Masterpiece knowledge and skills.BF_Apprenticeship_Banner

The Masterpiece Apprenticeship  is a cost-effective way for graduates of a Masterpiece program to deliver Masterpiece programs to others. It is a coach-led program that includes exploration of the Masterpiece learning process, and  full support in delivering the program.


The Masterpiece Apprenticeship program is designed for coaches/mentors/leaders who wish to cascade their Masterpiece experience. This apprenticeship differs from a typical train-the-trainer program. As a Masterpiece Alumni, apprentices have previously experienced the nuances of using the cognitive tools and have become fluent in the language. In the Masterpiece Apprenticeship, they will partner with the daVinci coach who will fully support them as they deliver the program to others.

The apprentice spends two months working with the daVinci coach to reevaluate their own leadership assessment, select participants to be mentored, and strategize the logistics of the delivering the program at their organization. The apprenticeship continues with pre and post-session support for 2-4 months, depending on the Masterpiece program selected.

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