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Masterpiece Coaching Leader

Motivate others to achieve meaningful outcomes.


The Masterpiece Coaching Leader program is a 5-6 month, coach-led, leader development program for teams, groups, or individuals. It features select coaching competencies from the Masterpieces in Leadership, Uncovering Your Masterpiece, and Adaptive Leadership Masterpieces programs. The program also includes 360 assessment, commitment building, and twice monthly coaching. 


The Masterpiece Coaching Leader program is designed for individuals who wish become more mindful, empathetic internal coaches. It is comprised of best-practice coaching techniques that will motivate others to achieve meaningful outcomes. Our clients find this program beneficial for scaling coaching across their organization.

The program provides a supportive environment for participants to examine and build upon their behavioral strengths and integrate personal values into their work. Best practices are introduced through a well-structured process that enables participants to use their daily work as a laboratory for learning and achieve strategic outcomes.

The program begins with 360-degree assessment and feedback to uncover individual behavioral strengths. Next, the participants embark on a powerful commitment-building exercise that taps into who they are, what is important them, and how they can use their feedback in setting goals and expectations. The remaining sessions introduce coaching best practice techniques. Participants use well-thought-out process modules for trying out these skills in their workplace and will walk away with tools and check sheets for structuring high-value feedback and coaching moments with their employees and colleagues.