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Building a Masterpiece Foundation 2

Prepare your team for coaching. 

bf_foundation2_bannerBuilding a Masterpiece Foundation 2 is a 3-4 month, 1-to-1 coaching engagement that prepares a leader to actively support his or her team’s participation in a coaching program. It includes a robust leadership assessment and commitment building.


foundation2_flowBuilding a Masterpiece Foundation 2 is an in-depth exploration and assessment of a leader’s behaviors, values, aspirations, motivations and style. During one-to-one meetings with the coach, the client develops a better understanding of himself or herself, and the Masterpiece learning process. The client becomes a role model for leader development and sets the tone, the vision, and rationale for team coaching.

The program begins with a robust leadership assessment followed by individualized interpretation of the assessments via feedback sessions. Next, the client and coach embark on building a powerful commitment statement that taps into who the client is, what is important to the client, and how the client can use the feedback in preparing for a successful team-coaching program. The remaining sessions focus on sharing an inspiring vision, generating buy-in and enthusiasm, and preparing to launch the team-coaching program.

Building a Masterpiece Foundation 2 takes place over 3-4 months. Ideally it concludes just prior to the start of a team-coaching program. If additional assessments are selected, more feedback sessions may be required.