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Research Questions

Don Berwick (co-founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement) once told us that one of the things that is missing in healthcare leadership is that we’re not asking the right questions. He also said that we are not learning from leaders who are already doing it well. Those statements provided the direction for our research.

thought.action_graphic.jpgWe designed questions for 2 types of interviews. The questions we posed to leaders came in the form of Behavioral Event Interviews (BEI). These objective questions were designed to uncover past behavioral patterns (behavioral competencies). The result was a “picture” of leadership performance described in terms of measurable behaviors.  More about competencies

The questions we posed to staff, patients, stakeholders (and also leaders) came in the form of Appreciative Interviews. These questions were subjective and designed to get at what was working well.

With the transcripts of the interviews and the data from several behavioral instruments, we had paralleled daVinci’s approach of combining art and science: the behaviors and stories of successful leaders.