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The Partners

What sets us apart is the strong connection of our personal values to our work. We are passionate about developing leaders. Our combined talents enable us to make connections between concepts and behaviors, recognize behavioral patterns, and translate those concepts into practical tools.

Vince Pelote MBA, Founding and Managing Partner, Behavioral Scientist, Executive Coach, has been involved with behavioral competencies since Vince Head shotthe 1980’s when he built healthcare-specific leadership models with Lyle Spencer. His deep understanding of behavior and motivation, his talent for working with leaders, and his strong drive to see others succeed, makes him a brilliant coach. Type: ENTP Social Motive: Socialized Power

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Lynne Route, MEd, BSN, Founding Partner was a nurse educator when she was bitten by the OD bug after participating in a Behavioralget storied photo Event Interview. Since that time she earned a masters degree in Instructional Design and Adult Education and has become skilled at conducting behavioral event interviews and appreciative interviews. Lynne is also: author, technical writer, blogger, graphic designer, and webmaster. Type: INTJ  Social Motive: Achievement